As far back as we can remember, we’ve known cannabis as an enhancement for the action at hand. A means to an end, not the end in itself. Something that kept the good vibe going. So from the beginning, we knew we wanted to create something that embodied those values. A superior quality product, specifically designed to fit a lifestyle of adventure.

Like the adventures we conquer we believe cannabis is socially therapeutic, best experienced with friends. The intersection of these values brought our team together, with a focus on integrity and responsibility for one another. We impart this passion into everything we do. Whether you’re seeking relief after a long day with our superior shatter, or sharing a sunset with friends and our signature distillate, we hope our passion can be shared with you.

Our process

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Fresh Cannabis flower

We start with the finest, contaminant free cannabis
flowers from a select network of growers.

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Tested for purity.

We test every harvest to ensure our source material is free of harmful microbes, mold, pesticides, or pollutants.

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Extracted with industry leading processes.

Using our proprietary extraction techniques, drawing from decades of experience, we produce the highest potency cannabis extract.

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Triple-filtered extracts.

Every batch of extract is then winterized; a process by which larger, undesired components of the extract are filtered out. We repeat this process three times using increasingly small filters to ensure the purest product, free of any undesired products.

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Tested again for clarity

We test our extract product again to ensure no by-products of the extraction process remain.

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Triple-distilled extracts.

Our extract is then distilled to the highest clarity and potency, three times.

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Tested again for potency.

We test our distillate again, only approving the highest quality results for packaging.

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